Monday, September 14, 2009

Swimming Day 1

Today was our first official swimming lesson.  We are getting lessons from Baby Otter Swim School.  So far I am very impressed by their classes.  They have a program to teach little ones how to get out of the pool if they fall in.  They took D into the pool and showed her how to kick her feet and then gently dunked her under the water.  Though not always happy D did a great job.  The also showed her how to swim to the stairs.  We were told that she did awesome.  She kicked her feet (and even tried using her arms, and maybe a little butterfly) to get over to the stairs.  I was really impressed.  Even though she wasn't thrilled by the whole experience D did everything she was asked to.  And even though her instructor was making her do things she didn't really want to D was comfortable enough to fall asleep on her.  So far so good.  

My only issue is their rule about diapers.  Which I do understand, but as a cloth diaper user, I have invested time and money into getting good quality reusable swim diapers.  Well they want 2 swim diapers and a bathing suit on D as she swims in the pool.  I normally just put a rash guard and swim diaper on D (or a gDiaper without the insert), and have had no problems.  Today she had on an iPlay swim diaper (which does retain water, not sure what I think about that) and then a My Pool Pal Swimster.  Then I bought her some boy swim trunks because her girly bottoms wouldn't fit over the 2 diapers.  I will have to get a pic of D in her swim diapers.

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