Friday, February 3, 2012

Aloha Friday

Yesterday afternoon, I flushed the toilet in our most used bathroom to find that it was draining very sluggishly.  It was gurgling and wasn't filling right too.  Ugh!  Time to get the plunger.  No change.  I poured a gallon of very hot water down the drain.  It drained, but didn't help.  Then I used baking soda and vinegar (that stuff is amazing), still nothing!  Uh Oh!

This was the final blow for this toilet and off we went to a big box store to get a new one.  We had replaced the toilet in our master bath with an American Standard Cadet 3 Right Height Elongated toilet.  It had been recommended to my parents by their plumber, so we went with that one.  Jolly Green Daddy and I installed it on our own and knew we could do it again.  So when we went to get our new one we were looking for the same toilet.  We found the same toilet and it's "brother" with a dual flush.
Picture from American Standard

So we brought home our new dual flush toilet and waited for the kids to go to bed.  We were getting ready to install our new toilet.  We took out the old one and found that the flange that the new one was going to be attached to was broken.  It looks like when they redid our tile floor they broke it!  And just did what they could to make work.  Grrrrr...

Looks like another trip to the hardware store.  JGD comes back with a new flange and a repair kit.  When we look at what we have in the floor, we finally decide that it is time to call a plumber.  Ugh!  So now we are waiting for a plumber to come and fix our flange and install our new toilet.  And Sprout is wondering why the potty is in the backyard.

So my question is, what do you do around the house and what do you call/hire someone to do for you?
As I discussed above, I do most of the minor plumbing in the house and electrical.  When it comes to rewiring, repiping, flooring and other complicated tasks, I call someone.

Thank you for joining me for Aloha Friday.  Feel free to join in the fun at An Island Life.


  1. Most things dealing with electricity I will call for outside help. Other than that, hubs and I try to do it ourselves.

  2. So far we've been able to take care of everything around the house - except when our hot water heater died, we decided to have it installed professionally since it's gas...and we don't want to mess with gas. ;)

    Falling Asleep

  3. I Do mostly everything but Plumbing. that I will have to call in a person.

  4. We have a very old house. When it has to do with electrical/plumbing issues that look like they will be too much - we call someone. Our furnace stopped working the other day. My husband came home from work. As soon as we saw the pilot would not stay lit, he knew what to go to Home Depot to get and replaced the part and we eventually had heat again.

  5. We had to call people to fix our plumbing line, but for everything else, the husband and I do it. 

    Even the electrical stuff he'll read up on it and get it done. 

  6. I try to do some of the smaller paint jobs but when it comes to plumbing, I call my dad.  he's a "jack of all trades" and is a certified electrician and plumber plus he can custom build me furniture for odd spaces in the house.  I'm very lucky to just have to feed him dinner in return :)

  7. I pretty much do everything. I'm too cheap plus I have unfriendly canines.

    Have a great Friday!

  8. Mostly Hubs is pretty handy, but things you have to have a license for, like electrical and HVAC, we call someone in. We also had someone install our new laminate floors, but we should've just done that ourselves b/c they did a horrible job!! :(

  9. We do the minor things around the house but anything major or dealing with electricity we leave up to the pros.


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