Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy 93rd Birthday!

The above picture was taken when I was younger than Small Fry. 
A couple days ago I wrote about what I wished I could have said.  Today I can tell you what I did say.  I called my grandfather to wish him a happy birthday today.  Today was his 93rd birthday.  He is the proud father of 3, proud grandfather of 5, and great-grandfather to 3.  He worked as an accountant for many years.  Even upon retiring to Florida, he continued to work and volunteer his services.  He did this both for his community as at his synagogue where he has been an active member since moving to Florida 15 plus years ago

Last April, he was honored with a select group of men throughout the county, as Man of the Year for synagogue.  This was a great celebration as we had almost the entire family together to celebrate.

These pictures were taken at this celebration.  The first is my grandparents dancing with Sprout.  The second shows you how clearly they love each other 68 years into their marriage.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

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