Sunday, February 5, 2012

Let's Go Giants

The Super Bowl make me happy.  Since I was little I remember looking forward to the Super Bowl.  Even when I had no idea who was playing, I was still excited to sit down and watch.  Even if at some ages I just wanted to know who was going to win the "Bud Bowl."

We never had any big parties, and I don't really remember going to any, but this was the game to watch every year, and I was going to watch.  I was raised a Giants fan.  Being that I grew up closer to New York than to Boston we tended to be more interested in the New York teams, and I followed the trend.  I remember when I was 10 or 11.  I had to give a "speech" about my hero.  I think it was a week or two after the Super Bowl and I chose Jeff Hostetler as my hero.  He hadn't been their QB for long and against the odds he led the Giants to win the Super Bowl!  I hope I can say the same of Eli Manning tomorrow!

As I got older, I've become more and more interested in football.  Including the football elimination pool, I partook in with my husband, mother and uncles.  (I'm almost ready to forgive the Giants for knocking me out...).  The war in this house is which team the kids will like.  Sprout seems to be a Dolphan, though she knows Mommy's team is the Giants and will cheer them on too.  I'm now working on Small Fry.

The last time the Giants were in the Super Bowl (hmmm... against New England who had not yet lost a game), I was pregnant with Sprout.  I remember saying that if I had been further along in pregnancy, I might have delivered that night with all the jumping, yelling and elevated blood pressure.  Now, she will watch some of the game with us this year.  Hopefully, they will do us proud!

Go Giants!

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  1. I do believe your grandparents watch with us as well. For my sanity, I hope it is not a close game!


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