Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

I've seen commercials for the online documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  As someone who has always paid attention to what she (and her children) eats (JGD makes his own choices),  this peaked my interest.  I was then talking with a friend who said that it was a worthwhile documentary to watch.  So tonight I decided to watch it.

 It's a documentary about Australian, Joe Cross.  He was overweight and suffered from an autoimmune disease that would cause him to break out in itchy blotches all over his body.  In order to regain control over his body, he did a 60-day juice fast followed by a fruit and vegetable heavy diet.  During this time,  he met a truck driver named, Phil, who suffered from the same the disease.  He then helped Phil go through the same juice fast and change his diet and life to conquer his morbid obesity and the physical ailments that went along with it.

I am not planning to have a juice fast any time time soon, but the documentary did make me more cognizant (if that's possible right now) of what I'm eating and how I feed my family.

You can join this health revolution and reboot your own system at Reboot Your Life.

Thank you to Joe Cross for creating such a thought provoking documentary and sharing it with us for free on his website.


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