Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Disney Trip - Raglan Road

Again, I apologize that there are no pictures.  I think I was too busy keeping Sprout and Squeaker entertained (no naps) to take pictures.

I was looking forward to trying Raglan Road.  I had asked Jolly Green Daddy to try a few times, and he was reluctant.  On this trip, he agreed.  I think it was the best meal we had the entire week.

We loved the atmosphere.  The step dancers were a great way to enhance the environment.  They were great.  We also had a fabulous waiter.  When I asked if the soups he mentioned were vegetarian, he said that he thought so, but would double check, and then told me the dishes on the menu that I could eat.  This was very helpful, as I normally have to ask if menu items have any meat in them.

Before we ordered the waiter brought us their Irish Soda Bread.  I have had Irish Soda Bread before (I think I even made it for a project in school), and have never been a fan.  Raglan Road's bread was great.  It was also a great filler for Sprout as I fed Squeaker and we tried to decide what to eat.  If you would like to see our options, you can see the menu, at AllEars.com.

I started with a Butternut Squash Bisque.  JGD (who doesn't like Butternut Squash) thought it was great.  Sprout loved it too.  I thought it was a good soup, but was disappointed as a Butternut Squash soup, as it didn't taste like squash.  However, I had no problem in finishing it all.  I then shared the Raglan Risotto with Sprout.  It was a basic risotto with shitake mushrooms and peas.  This was a real treat for me as most restaurants use chicken broth in their risotto.

Jolly Green Daddy took advantage of the fact that we were at an Irish pub and had a Guiness.  He started with a Caesar Salad, which he really enjoyed.  And then had the Lambo.  This was a lamb shank that was braised to the point where the meat was falling off the bone.  JGD loved this!

We then finished our meal with the Strawberry & Apple Crumble.  This was enjoyed by all of us.

We would go back to Raglan Road in a heartbeat.  I reiterate that I believe it was the best meal we had all week.


  1. Yummy! I never used to order risotto because of the stock ... but in the UK ... mushroom risotto is always the veggie option

  2. We love Raglan Road!! I know it's a franchise & not "uniquely" Disney, but it's a must-stop for us every time we go to WDW.

    Thanks for stopping by Magical Mouse Schoolhouse! I'm following you now too. Btw, for our Virtual Food & Wine Festival, I published Raglan Road's bread pudding recipe. Yum! It's here if you're interested: http://www.magicalmouseschoolhouse.com/2011/10/epcot-food-wine-festival-ireland.html


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