Saturday, November 5, 2011

Trip to Walgreens

So, the Jolly Green Mommy is not only trying to be green.  I'm trying to save some too.  I am going to try to keep track of the deals I get and what I spend.  I hope this is helpful to other people who are starting to coupon.  I know I like knowing I'm not alone.

Jolly Green Daddy was saying that the stockpile of deodorant I had gotten a couple months ago is now gone (guess I need to keep better track of it).  So I was looking for deals on Old Spice.  They were few and far between, but I did find that Walgreens had it as part of a deal with razor blades.  If you bought $30 worth of product you would get a $10 RR.

Here's what I bought:

Transaction 1:

2 - Gillette Venus Embrace Refill      $16.99 each       $33.98
2 - Old Spice Deodorant                    $ 3.99 each        $ 7.98   (on sale, normally $4.99)

Total (pre-coupon)                            $41.96

Gillette Venus Embrace                  - $ 4.00/2
Old Spice                                        - $ 1.00/2

Total Spent                                       $36.96 + tax
                                     Received $10 in Register Rewards

Transaction 2:

Nursery Water                                  $ 1.69
Garnier Fructis Curl Crea                 $ 3.99    (on sale, normally $4.49)
Walgreens Cotton Balls                    $1.79
Conair Bobby Pins                           $2.99

Total:                                                $10.46
Register Rewards                            -$10.00
Total Spent                                       $0.46 + tax

Total Purchased: $54.92
Total Spent:     $37.42
Saved:             $  17.50 (32%)            


  1. Well done! I love coupons! I wish they used them in the UK
    What is nursery water?

  2. In reality, it is probably a rip off. But it is supposed to be water that is further "purified" for babies.


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