Monday, June 14, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - 6/14

I was going to post this yesterday, but last night I realized my original plan needed some rethinking.  I had planned to make Veggie Pot Pie for dinner Sunday night, but after being outside for a very limited about of time, I realized that when it's 90 degrees out, veggie pot pie doesn't sound all that great.

This is a kosher meal plan for me and my family.  This means that there will be some meat for JGD and Sprout, but there will always be a vegetarian (or fish) alternative for me.  We try to eat as naturally and organically as we can.  This is limited some by budget, but we're doing the best we can.

*** means that we have no tried this recipe yet, but I will try to give you a review later in the week or in next week's MPM post.  I know I owe you a couple from last week.  I'll try to get to them for you.

Monday - Drumsticks (if they defrost in time) for JGD, still not sure what I'm eating
Tuesday - Pioneer Woman's Pasta Primavera
Wednesday - Lo Mein (chicken for JGD and Sprout and Tofu for me)
Thursday - Falafel (didn't make it last week)
Friday - Chicken

Recap of last week
Monday - Rachael Ray's Fettuccini Alfredo *** & Caprese Salad. 
Didn't make the caprese salad, and wasn't a fan of this recipe.  Maybe it was the pre-grated cheese I got at the grocery store.

Tuesday - Tilapia (probably picata), broccoli and angel hair (salad?)

This is an old standby that I haven't made in a while.  I will say a bigger pan would have been good, and I need to work on that whole sauce concept.

Wednesday - Skirt Steak ***, portobello mushrooms, tofu?, carrots (salad?)

Turns out JGD wasn't home this night so I didn't make meat.  Sprout and I had veggie fried rice.

Thursday - Falafel ***, pita bread ***, hummus, tahini

The skirt steak had been marinating from the day before so we at that instead.  I used lemon juice instead of lime as that's what we had.  JGD said it was good.  My mom told me I totally changed the recipe.  I'll have to do it the right way next time.  I also did sweet potatoes, onions and green beans on the grill.  Yummy!

Friday - Honey Glazed Chicken Dump ***, Gardein, Green Beans, Challah 

I did make chicken, but forgot I had planned this recipe.  We'll do this one this week.  I made a Rachael Ray recipe instead.  This is a good one to make for us because the sauce is made separate so it's not hard to do real and "fake" meat.


  1. The Chicken Dump sounds yummy!

  2. GlutenFreeHomemakerJune 17, 2010 at 10:46 PM

    That chicken dump sounds good. Thanks for stopping by and for the tips on collard greens. I have made kale chips before and didn't think of doing the same with collards.


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