Monday, June 7, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - 6/7

This is a kosher meal plan for me and my family.  This means that there will be some meat for JGD and Sprout, but there will always be a vegetarian (or fish) alternative for me.  We try to eat as naturally and organically as we can.  This is limited some by budget, but we're doing the best we can.

*** means that we have no tried this recipe yet, but I will try to give you a review later in the week or in next week's MPM post.  I know I owe you a couple from last week.  I'll try to get to them for you.

Monday - Rachael Ray's Fettuccini Alfredo *** & Caprese Salad.

Tuesday - Tilapia (probably picata), broccoli and angel hair (salad?)

Wednesday - Skirt Steak ***, portobello mushrooms, tofu?, carrots (salad?)

Thursday - Falafel ***, pita bread ***, hummus, tahini

Friday - Honey Glazed Chicken Dump ***, Gardein, Green Beans, Challah 

To see what other people are planning for this week go to Menu Plan Monday.

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  1. The skirt steak recipe is a favorite of ours!


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