Thursday, March 18, 2010

stART - C is for Clown

This week we our theme is All About me, including body parts and family. I thought C is for Clown by Stan and Jan Berenstain would be a fun book and would go well with a body parts project about parts of the face.  

This week Sprout made a clown using a paper plate, foam shape stickers, googly eyes, and pom nose.
I was really impressed with Sprout as she did this project because it actually resembled a face, and I thought it would look more like a Picasso with body parts all over.  The only thing I helped with was the glue.  I put the glue on the backs of the eyes and turned them over to give them to Sprout so that she would add them to the plate.  She would then just push the eye down wherever I happened to be holding it.
Sprout also practiced her fine motor skills as she took the paper backing off the foam stickers.  She did a really great job with this!

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