Saturday, February 27, 2010

Creating a Chiclet

What's a chiclet, you ask.  It's the button that people put on their websites so that you can link people back to your site with ease.  I was curious about these buttons and started looking into what they are and how you make one.  I have a strong technology background and like playing around with this kind of stuff, so I thought I would give it a try to make one.  I am thankful to this link on Squidoo for helping me out.

Now the first thing I did was to design my button using Adobe Photoshop.  Though I wish I took the picture in the background, the credit goes to

Next I uploaded the image to my blog.  You can upload it anywhere in the web.  Just make sure you can find it.

Then I added a new feature to my layout to share my button with you.

To do this use the structure from the link above replacing the current web address with yours.  And the image location with yours as well.  To get that information right click (or control click for mac users) on the picture and choose properties (or I chose "copy image address" on my mac) and use that.

Now that I've added the button to my blog, I need to add the HTML code you to use on your website.  Now I have to thank Jennishell's Design Challenge for helping me with this.   She includes the HTML code you will need to share your button with those who visit your site.

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