Monday, February 22, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - Winter

It's Muffin Tin Monday again!

This week's theme on the MTM site is orange.  I decided to stray from their theme this week for 2 reasons. The first, we have been learning about winter and cold for the past week, and I thought a MTM would be a good way to end it.  Second, I couldn't think of anything orange in the house, besides one or 2 oranges I have sitting in the fruit bowl.  As you will see, even our carrots are yellow!

This was a tough meal to actually fit in the muffin tin.

D had an edible snowflake with cinnamon and sugar.

Cream cheese penguins.  I found this recipe on quite some time ago, and have been looking for a reason (and the time to make them).

D also had two edible snowmen.  The first is just cream cheese on bread that I used a snowman cookie cutter on.  The second was a snowman on a stick.  I know D will love to make this when she gets bigger, but for right now, I made and she loved eating it!  I made it using a dried cherry that I cut up, instead of chocolate chips.

The lower left has some "snowballs" (Gorilla Munch cereal).

D really enjoyed this lunch.  The snowman on a stick was hard to resist and D grabbed that right away.

She loved bananas and apples and the penguins.  The rest she played with more than she ate.  That is until she broke enough of the snowflake off to find the star from the middle.  This is the one shape that she will recognize and say!  And was thrilled to have a star to eat.


  1. What a great tin! The penguins are so cute!

  2. Oh, those are adorable eats! I love the penguin and the snowflake and the...oh heck, I just love it all.

  3. I just put a link on my post to the mac and cheese recipe I used (it's pink). We love it and make it about once a week.

  4. Great tin. Love the snowmen. Wish we had enough snow here to play with. But it is snowing as I speak so maybe we'll get some soon.

  5. OH MY!!!! Those penguins have captured my heart!!! Will be copying idea and using soon!!!! LOVE it - great tin!

  6. I love it! The penguins are so cute!

  7. Very fun! I think the snowmen on a stick are very clever. Maybe my daughter will eat bananas if I serve them this way. Thanks!


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