Friday, February 19, 2010

stART Snow!

So JGD is off to Alaska for some sort of cold weather training.  Well, D has very little understanding of what the weather would be like in Alaska.  For the next couple days we will be talking and reading about snow to show D what it is like in colder environments.  Though it has definitely not been the typical Florida by any means.

While touring many of the other Muffin Tin Mom sites, I found this "project community."  In trying to teach D this week we have been reading books and doing projects to go with them.  Similarly to how I did things when I taught my 3 year old classroom and when I taught Kindergarten and First Grade.  I guess it has become ingrained in me.

This morning we read 2 books to go with our theme/art project.  D like Biscuit's Snowy Day by by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, Pat Schories, and Mary O'Keefe Young better than Snow by Philip.D. Eastman and Roy Mc Kie.

After reading our books we made a snowy scene using cotton balls and real glue.  Now this is the first time D has used real glue, so I was quite on top of her during this project.  I put a little glue on the cotton ball she held and then helped her to put the cotton ball on her hand.  This meant that we do have glue everywhere and no cotton balls stuck to anything other than paper. 

Because I was keeping so close to her I don't have any pictures of her actually doing the project, but I do have here is D trying to put glue (from a closed bottle) on a cotton ball.

Here is D's final project, which is now out of reach on the fridge!


  1. Those first projects are fun. It does get easier as they get older :) I have to look for Snow book, since my daughter loves Cat in the Hat early readers.

  2. Those do look like perfect snowy day reads! We featured snow books this week as well for our stART post.

  3. Snow reads just like Green Eggs and Ham, so it would be a great hit for your daughter.

  4. What an adorable craft!

  5. Very cute, I am so glad you are able to join in on stART!!


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