Saturday, February 27, 2010


So after reading our book for our stART project this week, D made a craft hamantaschen and then we made the dough for real ones.  We finished up our real ones yesterday afternoon.  D was not so into it at first, and had more fun playing with Jolly Green Dad.  Which I can't be upset about because normally when I'm cooking dinner, this is favorable to having a munchkin underfoot in the kitchen.

When we first put her into her high chair to play with the dough, she really wasn't interested.  We have played with playdough a few times, but it's not always her favorite thing to do (though I definitely like the benefits for manual dexterity).  Then again, maybe getting her hair out of her face would have been good too!
I showed her how to use the cookie cutters on her dough like JGM was on the counter, which definitely helped.

I will say that even if she wasn't into rolling out the dough and cutting out the circles, she was more than happy to eat the final product.

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