Sunday, February 14, 2010

Life goes on

Okay, so I've been lax in posting over the past 4 months, but I'm going to try to get back into it.  The past couple days have been a turning point/starting point for me.  I started running (sometimes with D) and started my week 2 training (I said I just started) and am proud of the progress I'm making.  I am using an App on my iPhone (Get Running) that helps me to integrate running into a lifestyle that never included it before.  It does start with workouts that mix walking and running, and ends with a steady 30 minute run. I hope I can stick with it!  My hope is to run my first 30 minute run on Miami Beach!

I am also very proud to be participating in Disney's Give a Day, Get a Disney Day program.  I have always been interested in doing whatever I can to help those around me who are in need, and have felt a little lost about it recently.  Gourmet Mom on the Go mentioned making cakes for Foster kids, and I thought this would be a great thing to try to get involved in.  However, I have had a hard time trying to figure out how to go about this.  Though I do love baking and have had a lot of fun making cakes.  I found Free Cakes for Kids, but it looked like the people in my area who are on the list are professionals, and I'm a little leery about being being contacted instead of having a contact.  

I have been looking for something else to do.  Disney's program gave me the chance to explore many of the programs in the area, but the problem with most of them is trying to find a way to do something with D.  Most programs want children 6 and over and I don't blame them seeing as how D can't really do that much to help.  Though she is great at making people smile!  But I did find Project Linus.  This is a great program that collects homemade blankets to give to anyone under 18 in need of one.  I have been crocheting since high school, and would love to be able to give my time to something like this.  So I have started making my blanket, and am loving it.  JGD is even planning on making one too (he is going to make a fleece, no sew blanket).  I'll keep you posted and try to post pictures along the way to show you.  I am making a blanket using yarn I had in the house from another project I had started years ago, but didn't finish.  It is going to be grey, and off white with black and green accents.

This is the yarn I will be using.  (The one to the far left is more forest green than this shows.)

These are my first 4 "natural" squares.  I have another 9 to go.

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