Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympic Fever

We definitely have olympic fever!  JGD and I have always been fans of the olympics and now that D understands what is seeing a little more, she is getting into it with us right along with it.  Today's project was to make an olympic flag.  We talked about how we have flags to "represent" or show things about us.  In this case the flag is for the olympics and showing that everyone can get along.  If you don't know, I didn't until I did the research... the colors on the olympic flag are meant to show the colors that are found in every flag around the world.  And the five rings are meant to show the 5 continents of the world, and how they come together for the games. Not sure what she really understood, but it's a start, as is most of what we do everyday.

To make this project, I cut the circles out for the rings ahead of time (red, black, yellow, blue and green).

D was given a glue stick to use (her favorite new "tool") and she was happy to use it on the paper (and tried to use it everywhere else.  Then she placed the rings on the paper.  I then helped her to add more glue under the rings that needed it.

D's final touch to this project was to pull come of the rings back off again, and rip them.  This is what it looked like by bedtime.  Though I was thoroughly bummed, D was thrilled!

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  1. I think that it is a great Olympic Activity. I wish I had thought to make a ring flag.

    On a side note, my husband and I love the Olympics too. Sophie was just a few months old for the summer games, and I gave her a narrative of each events going on. She was just starting to roll at that point so every time she did, I sang her the Star Spangled Banner...and was encouraging her to go for the gold!


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