Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy President's Day

I am trying to work more with D at home.  It must be the teacher in me.  Today I thought we would focus on President's Day a little.  We read The Story of George Washington by Patricia Pingry and Stephanie McFetridge Britt.  It was definitely a little higher than our current comprehension, but it was a very simple discussion and explanation of Washington and his impact on our country.

I thought hard about a project D could do to go along with a book like this, and decided that we would make a cherry tree.  It was mentioned in the book we read, so it was a good way to introduce the story about the cherry tree and the concept of telling the truth.  We had an age appropriate talk about always telling Mommy and Daddy what is real.  Then we made our cherry tree.  I found the coloring page on First School Preschool Activities and Crafts.  The I cut strips of green tissue paper for leaves and smaller pieces of red tissue paper for cherries.

I thought I would help D by applying the glue stick for her, but once she saw me with the glue stick that became the highlight of the day.  It seemed like she actually understood how to use it.  But the real highlight of the glue stick was taking the top off and putting it back on.

D did a great job of placing the tissue paper on tree, especially the leaves. It appears as though the cherries fell out of the tree.  JGD said there is a basket there that we can't see.

D's final project!

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