Thursday, February 25, 2010

stART When It's Purim!

This week's stART project went along with our Purim week!  We read When It's Purim, by Edie Stoltz Zolkower.  

This book is very cute for a youngin' like D.  It is about a family that is getting ready for Purim by making Hamantaschen, a very yummy treat! 

After reading When It's Purim, we made our own craft hamantaschen.  I was looking for a craft project to go along with this book, and decided to make one up.  We used a paper plate.  D colored the bottom of the plate with a brown crayon.

Then we glued Pom Poms on the "top" of the plate.  D especially liked this part of the project.  We have found that she really likes glue.  In fact, when she saw me bring out the supplies for the craft, she went straight to her high chair and was ready to get going!

When she was done I folded up the sides like I do when I make real hamantaschen, and made the circle into a triangle.  I then stapled the ends together (making sure that the staple closed entirely).  Here is D checking out her new hamantaschen.

Now that we finished our craft, we made the dough for our hamantaschen .  It has to sit in the fridge overnight, so we made it this morning, and will do the cutouts, filling and baking tomorrow.  Mmmmm... can't wait. 

Here is D inspecting the measuring spoons!

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  1. Very creative! We made hamantaschen last week, a little early :) It is very yummy.

  2. It looks like a lovely book, and the project is perfect for your daughter's age. You just gave me a craving for hamantashen, I remember eating them on my trips to Israel. Maybe I should make some of my own too!

  3. OK, your kiddo is the CUTEST!

  4. Your daughter looks so similar to mine!! Shes adorable :)


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