Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dear Mama Bird

Dear Mama Bird,

I know that you are just protecting your babies.  I understand that, really I do.  I would do anything to protect mine.

But can we come to a compromise?  We will leave you and your babies alone if you stop attacking us.

I know that nature doesn't understand the laws of man.  Hey, sometimes I don't understand them either, but we need to co-exist.  You and your babies will be safe, if you let me and my family come and go as we please.


Jolly Green Mommy

Now, does anyone know how to translate this into little black bird???  No, seriously any suggestions on how to take care of this?  By the time I tried calling Audubon today they were closed and they don't open until Tuesday.


  1. i dont have any suggestions for you but i did want to say im following from blogfrog mom loop

  2. wow! i like ur blog. Ur daughter is adorable!
    Do visit me if u get a chance


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