Sunday, May 9, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - 5/10


Here is our Menu Plan for this week.  We are part of Annie's Organic Buying Club.  I do biweekly pickups and this is our week.  So this is my week to finish up what we got.  Here is what I have planned.  It's not overly creative, but I hope it will be a yummy week. 

Just as a reminded we are a Kosher home, and while my husband and daughter eat meat I don't.  So there is always a vegetarian alternative.

  • Steak
  • Zucchini Pancakes (I will post a link or recipe after I make them)
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Salad?
  • Rolls?
  • Fajita Bar
  • Mexican Rice
  • Guacamole
  • Avocado & Tomato Salad?
  • Lasagna
  • Garlic Bread
  • Salad
  • Chicken
  • Gardein
  • Challah
  • Israeli Couscous or Angel Hair
  • Salad
  • Green Beans?
  • Mushroom Barley Soup?
  • Cholent?
Extra Ideas
  • Tuna Casserole
  • Spinach Ravioli
Lunch Ideas
  • grilled cheese
  • quesadillas
  • peanut butter and jelly (apples)
  • Muffin Tin Monday
  • pasta salad
  • leftovers
  • turkey ("Tofurky) sandwiches
To see what others have planned for the week go to Menu Plan Monday at


  1. I've been noticing the dual meals... I'm wondering, what are your reasons for becoming vegetarian? And how does it affect you when you have to prepare meat meals for your family? Just curious!

  2. I have been a vegetarian since I was 15. When I was younger than that, I thought about it, but didn't want to make my own meals. From 13-15 I went to a camp that was also a ranch (they raised their own cattle). My first year there I bottle fed a baby calf, and the last year I was there the rumor was that he was hamburger. I think this concept started to really get to me. When it was Rosh Hashanah and I didn't want my mom's brisket (my all-time favorite meat meal), I decided to stop eating beef. A year later I gave up chicken. I do east fish, so I guess technically I'm a pescitarian.

    When it comes to dual meals, normally it's not that big of a deal as I will make some sort of meat substitute and make the same dish for my husband and myself (amazing how far this area has come in the 10 years of making meals like this). I will also try to do more protein hearty sides if I don't want to do "double-duty." I think the biggest issue is trying to time everything (and all the dishes my husband has to do).

  3. What does Muffin Tin Monday entail?

  4. Check out for more information on Muffin Tin Monday.

  5. I'm a pescetarian as well. I grew up eating meat, but didn't really crave it. And we had cows. One of them was my pet, I wanted a cat, but my dad gave me a calf instead. I named it Kitty. Over the years, I lost interest in Kitty, but was crushed when I found out Kitty had gone to market. Sickening!
    Pair that with a boyfriend who's mom was a terrible cook. I stopped eating meat all together, just to not hurt her feelings. But, didn' miss it at all.

    Now, when we go out, my kids will almost always get the seafood or vegetarian option, even though they are meat eaters. I think it's a matter of what they're exposed to.

    I'm going to check out your Vegetarian Korma. I do a cheat version with a jar of premade! I could use a really good recipe.


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