Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wii Active 30 Day Challenge - errr... Day 3

EA Sports Active

Okay, so after my last workout, I had a tough time sorting out my schedule to fit in a time to workout.  As I mentioned, I prefer to do it before Sprout is up.  I'm not sure why (though it is probably because the sun is up earlier) she decided to get up earlier last week, which completely messed me up.  Now the question is before she wakes up, during nap, or after I put her down for the night (by which time I just want to sit down)???

Day 3
Medium Intensity

Projected calories burned:    80.5
Calories burned:                  92.0

Workout time:                     22:39
Exercises completed:          1/16

Trophies received: None

Challenges: Conquering my schedule, and side jumps.  I hate those things!

How do I feel?:  Upper legs hurt a bit (probably from lunges and side jumps).

Next workout: Tomorrow, not a Wii Balance Board Day, oh no!  More jumps, squats and lunges this time!  And some boxing.

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