Friday, May 28, 2010

Night 1 (Aloha Friday)

I was going to wait to post this until I found the cord for the camera, but I just have to share.

I woke up this morning to my little one babbling in her crib (as she does every morning).  But this morning was different.  Soon after I woke up, I heard a "thud" and then crying.

Yup, you guessed it... she escaped.  I knew it was coming, but I was hoping that she was happy enough just hanging out and reading books in her crib, that my little monkey might opt to stay in her crib.  Alas, she did not make this choice.

After her escape, we decided to convert her crib to the toddler bed.  Come to realize we didn't buy the toddler rails because I would love to move her into a double bed (but I'm not buying one right now).  So she is in a daybed, surrounded on 3 sides.

We survived nap, and when I heard her chatting and went to get her I was greeted at the door.  She was clearly ready to go.

Now, I am sitting here trying to pretend that I am not listening obsessively to the monitor to try to figure out if she is getting out of bed.

After seeing a few blogs linked up to Aloha Friday I decided to join in.  So my question to you is, what did you do to help ease this transition for you or your child?

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  1. My sons are grown and it is hard to remember. One night my son called me and he was almost panicking. My two twin granddaughters had climbed out of their cribs and he found one of them on top of the dresser and the other opening the drawers

    He was very worried that they would fall and hurt themselves. Well they kept doing it and he had to get rid of the cribs and I think he put them in toddler beds. He told me that him and his wife do not get a complete sleep because they listen to hear if the girls left their room. So far they just get up and play in their room but I think he is worried they might open the front door.

  2. JDaniel4's MomMay 29, 2010 at 7:23 AM

    Thankfully my little one doesn't know he can get out.

  3. My oldest went from crib to twin bed because he was too cramped in his crib (he never actually tried to escape). We told him he had to call us to get out of his bed. To this day (he'll be 7 in August) he typically calls us. We were really lucky he listened and followed the rule.

    Our little guy (just 3) is still in his crib. TechyDad posted his Aloha Friday question about this yesterday. We are not sure what to do with him. He still sleeps in the crib without a problem, but it is time to move him. We may make it into a toddler bed with a rail (he's a wild sleeper). In the long run we will need bunk beds since we have no room for two twin sized beds in the room the boys share.

    Good luck! BTW - I tried to thank you for the item the other day, but could not leave a comment on that post.

  4. When my two girls were little, they went from crib to bed. Both were not climbers and were content to stay in their rooms to play after getting up.


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