Thursday, April 15, 2010

Goodbye Ultimatate Blog Party 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Goodbye Ultimate Blog Party 2010. Okay, yes, they party does officially end tomorrow, but in all reality I should have said goodbye yesterday or even the day before. While this blog party is a great way to help bloggers meet other bloggers, I think it's just too much for me.

I love this kind of thing, but I tend to get too wrapped up in it. I am sad to say that I think I have been neglecting my child as a result. Though she is a great sport and is definitely none the worse, I think I am. This is definitely one of those times where I am thinking of myself as a bad mom. I know we all have those times, and I know that it won't last long (at least I hope not). Especially, not that I am out to amend my ways.

And this is even after following someone's suggestion (if it's your please let me know, but I have read too many posts in the past week to remember... I would love to give you credit) to choose to read the links with a similar number to you. (ie. if your link on the UBP post is 104, you will read all the blogs with a number that ends with 4). This was a great suggestion, and I found it very helpful. But, alas, my obsession continued.

I was thinking about joining in on a Friday Follow, but am wondering if I am going to have the same problem. I really enjoy meeting new bloggers, especially mommy bloggers, and growing my online "community." Does anyone have any suggestions as to how they balance it all?

And as I write this post, I am thinking about everything else that I should be doing (including eat lunch).

  1. Finish the blanket I am making for a friend who just had a baby.
  2. Clean the house
  3. Clean the study so there is room for my brother to sleep
  4. Clean the guest room so there is room for my mother to sleep
  5. Do more planning for Sprout
  6. stART project
  7. Do more with Sprout!!!
Hope everyone had a great party!


  1. Hi! oh man "mom guilt"! I have it, we all have it! I have the same problem getting caught in the world of blogging. =) It's so fun and fun to read other people's etc. I do justify it by saying, look at all of these great things for my son that I wouldn't have known about if it wasn't for blogging! =) Thanks for stopping over to my blog. I'm so glad I popped on to yours. I can't wait to read more!!!

  2. Clean the guest room so your mother as a place to sleep. Stop stressing. Your daughter will be fine.


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