Thursday, April 15, 2010

stART - Planting a Rainbow

This week we are getting ready to welcome Spring by learning about flowers.  We read Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert.  I love this book and it is perfect for Sprout's level.  And a great book to read with older kids too as you can discuss the variety of flowers that were planted and go into depth about the parts of a plant and how plants grow.  The illustrations are perfect for this.
Planting a Rainbow: Lap-Sized Board Book

To go with this book, I thought it would be cute if Sprout made a flower mosaic using seeds.  Wouldn't that be a great project?!  Maybe for a different year.  This year I chose to take contact paper and draw a flower and cut it out.  I laid it in the bottom of a bowl and let Sprout pour "seeds" (yellow and green lentils and popcorn kernels) onto the contact paper to make her "mosaic."
The only problem I had now, was what to do with the flower when we were done.  I thought about backing it with construction paper.  But I didn't really like the way that looked, and I had a tough time getting it to seal due to the thickness of the lentils and popcorn.  

I decided to use another piece of contact paper and create a deal on the outer edge.  The cut the piece down to match the flower.

When were were done we use the extra for a sensory bucket (and find motor practice).  I was quite impressed that Sprout kept most of the kernels and lentils in the bowl.  And don't ask me what I was thinking by doing this on the carpet.  This isn't the room where we have out Tot Trays, but I do most of our projects in here.  Thankfully, the mess was kept to a minimum.  In fact, most of the time Sprout cleaned up after herself when she dropped stuff outside the bowl.

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  1. This is a really neat idea :)

  2. Planting a rainbow is one of my favorite Ehlert books. Fun sensory activities and love how the "seed" flower turned out.

  3. Great use of the formula container.
    Turned out super cute!

  4. What a great project! My daughter loves crafts. I am a new follower from FF. Stop by sometime and visit.

  5. This was a great idea. She did such a nice job with her project. I just checked this book out from the library and we're looking forward to reading it.

  6. I love Lois Elhert she is such a great author. What fun activities.


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