Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tot School Goes to the Beach

Tot School
Sprout is 21 months old

I haven't posted for the last couple weeks, and I'm late in doing last week's post because we went to Miami Beach with JGD's family and some longtime family friends.

This year was a little different for us as JGD's uncle was hospitalized right before Passover and was not able to join us for the holiday (de had an infection in his prosthetic hip).  As a result his Aunt and cousins came down for the Siddurim (Seders, telling of the Exodus and holiday meal).  We've heard that JGD's uncle is doing better and was sent to rehab over a week ago.  He should be home soon, and then I can bring Sprout over to see him.  JGD is concerned about Sprout seeing him if he's not at his best.  I see his point, but I also know how happy it made my grandfather to see Sprout when we was in the hospital.  He even said, "Now, he can die happy."  And a few weeks later he did pass away.  I was so happy that I had been able to get her up there to see him.  I know she won't remember him, but I know that he'll remember her...

Anyway... Back to the beach.  So we stay at a hotel on the beach because it makes our lives much easier, in that I don't need separate dishes for Passover Meat and Passover Dairy, as well and pots, pans, bowls, utensils, ets.  And we get a week to relax on the beach and by the pool.  (I think I went into more detail about this in a previous post.)

I don't have many pictures of anything actually holiday oriented as I didn't want to offend those who are more observant than I and do not use electricity, etc. on holidays.  So I will share with you those that I do have and share some anecdotes from the week.

Sprout was a great sport during the Siddurim, they didn't start before 8:30 on either night, and for outside reasons, we didn't start before 9.  Now keep in mind there is another half hour (on a good night) to over an hour before the actual meal is served.  We did keep her happy with books, her Little Einstein guys, her own Haggadah (which I kept asking to use as there were no more than 5 word on a page, and covered all of the parts of the Seder.), 10 plagues puppets, Seder play set, oh and food and wine.  Sprout really liked the wine (we didn't give her that much, she was licking it off our fingers.)  But I was so proud of my 21 month old who made it to at least 10:30 both nights.
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While hanging out around the pool Sprout showed off how fast she could do the shadow match game (see Tot Packs).  She also enjoyed playing with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Numbers Card Game and Winnie the Pooh Matching Card Game (finding things that go together ie. rain and umbrella) that I had gotten at the dollar store.  Thought she didn't really understand how to play the games (and I hadn't really expected her to), she had a great time finding items and naming the characters.  We practiced counting some too.

Sprout also did a great job climbing up and down the couple of stairs that were by the pool, and was a very respectful elevator ride pressing as far back into the wall as she could (sorry no pictures).

Sprout had a great time at the beach.  I don't have any picture of her actually in the ocean because we'd left the camera (which is waterproof) upstairs, and I wasn't about to risk my phone.  Here she is helping to bury her cousin.

A couple days later she helped to build sand castles with her cousins.  Actually, I think she was more interested in knocking them down, but everyone had a great time.

Here she is debating a quick dip in the ocean before lunch.

Afternoons were spent in the pool.  I don't know about you, but we're still not sure if she really likes to go swimming or not.  You tell us! :-)
(It looks like JGD actually had the camera for a change, so there are some pictures of me.)

On a personal note, I have never (I mean never, not even as a tot) actually worn a bikini (or 2-piece other than a full length tankini or in a dressing room), but JGD talked me into getting one this year.  And I guess I was feeling a little better about it, though I was still a little self self-conscious.  We don't have any pictures out of the water and this is one where the water distortion in minimal.  (And honestly, I can't believe I'm actually sharing this!)

Time to get ready for dinner!

And then it was back to the real world.  I couldn't resist taking this pic on the way into Publix.  (Sorry it's not the clearest shot, it was taken on my phone.

I know I'm a little late in saying this, but I hope everyone had a great holiday, whatever you celebrate!

To see what other people in the real world did last week, go to 1+1+1=1.

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  1. I'm impressed that you did share, and that you wore a two-piece! Glad Passover was so wonderful, and a week that was unlike other weeks :)


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