Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wii Active 30 Day Challenge - Day 1


EA Sports Active

Now this is not my first time trying the Wii Active 30 Day Challenge.  I got this "game" soon after it came out because I was hoping that it would be better than Wii Fit (which I feel is good for a game, but not a workout).  I made it at least halfway through, and then life got in the way, and I didn't finish.  

Now as I mentioned quite some time ago, I was hoping to get into a running workout.  I used Get Running (From Couch to 5K).  I thought this was a great App.  I love the way it talked me through the interval training to build up my distance, and my stamina.  This was a great app.  But I realized as much as I tried to think otherwise, I'm really not all that into running.  Oh well...

So I've been really sporadic about it.  I was talking with JGD who said, "Why don't you try doing the Active workout again?"  Now the only issue with this is finding the time.  I like to workout before I shower for the day because I don't want to have to shower again (and come on, how many moms have times for 2 showers?)  So this means, I actually have to get moving before Sprout in the mornings.  Which is not really that big a deal.  I'm normally up, but it's normally my "me" time where I check read my Blog Reader, and then read some on the Kindle on my iPhone.  (Yes, I love my iPhone! And yes Kindle of the iPhone does mean that I am constantly changing the screen, but it's with me wherever I go.)

I'm thinking that if I try to keep track of my workouts on here, that I will feel accountable and push myself to do it.  I got myself up this morning to eat and check my Google Reader (on the computer) and then do my first workout of the Wii Active 30 Day Challenege.

Day 1
Medium Intensity
Wii Balance Board Day

Projected calories burned:    93.5
Calories burned:                  105.6
Workout time:                     23:47
Exercises completed:          16/16

Trophies received: None

Challenges: Trying to make sure my movements with the nunchuk and the remote meet what it is asking for.

How do I feel?:  Upper legs hurt a bit (probably from squats).

Next workout: Tomorrow; tennis; no balance board (I think)

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  1. I love the idea of browsing your blogs as you workout! I am looking forward to exceersing more in the future... the third trimenster body I've got is tored from a simple walk to the park :) Thrilled to have found another teacher turned SAHM through the Mom Loop!


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